Please hover your mouse or cursor overtop of the map, clicking on its various regions will provide you with a walkthrough of our school.

Image Map

Main entrance:
Lobby, take two.
Lobby, take three.
Lobby, take four.

Classrooms hallway.
Classrooms hallway, take two.
Back hallway.
Back hallway, take two.
Back hallway, take three.
Welding hallway.
Welding hallway, take two.
Upper hallway.
Bridge, take two.

Room #102.
Room #102, take two.
Room #103.
Room #105.
Room #107.
Room #108.

Shop areas and labs:
Shop area.
Shop area, take two.
Cross connection lab.
Cross connection lab, take two.
Primary sprinklerfitting lab.
Secondary sprinklerfitting lab.
Welding booths.
Ocy-acetylene lab.
Bottle room.
Grinding room.
Primary tool crib.
Some of the tool crib's tools.
Some of the tool crib's tools, take two.
Secondary tool crib.
Mockup room.

Parking lot:
Parking lot (run through).
Parking lot, take two (180 degree pan).